Concrete And Aggregate Grinding And Polishing, Perth

Led by the current polished concrete and industrial chic movements, DS Grinding is a favoured provider of honed, polished and custom concrete surfaces. We are committed to giving our clients the highest level of service for both commercial and residential concrete projects.

Polished Concrete Floors

There are endless applications for honed and polished concrete, DS Grinding specialise in all aspects of honing and polishing concrete from floor applications, to seating, benchtops and walls. Our staff are highly trained in the latest methods in both indoor and outdoor honing and polishing processes and provide a tailored finesse to each project adding sophistication and style.

The Endless Possibilities For Polished Concrete Application

The versatility of concrete, especially when compared to its affordability, is truly limitless. DS Grinding provide design and execution of projects that will transform the look and feel of any interior or exterior space. The individuality of this material is only surpassed by its functionality and can be manipulated to suit the aesthetic of your home, office or outdoor space. Whether pre-existing or installed new, honed and polished concrete really does give you the luxury, artisan look most home owners pine for.

Who Are Ds Grinding?

Owned and operated in Perth, Western Australia, DS Grinding are specialists in concrete flooring. We provide honing and true mechanical polishing services to homes and businesses across the Perth region and deliver for you on every step of the process, from design and specification advice, tile removal or floor stripping (if required) and surface preparation, to completed honed or polished surfacing. We are able to provide you with polishing and grinding of both slabs for new construction, and existing concrete floors, giving new life to otherwise dated spaces.

What We Provide

At DS Grinding, we believe that business is built on relationships, which is why we place such a high priority on the interactions we have with our clients. Customer service is something we excel at and we do the best we can to ensure your design and functional expectations are met. We go above and beyond, providing advice and working with you to make sure you make the right choice of flooring material, appropriate colour and aesthetic landscaping for your space and budget. With a free initial quote, why not give Darren a call on 0417 808 680.