External Honed Concrete

External honed concrete is the most visually stunning of all external surfaces, with polished stones glistening through the concrete; you are left with a flat, foot friendly, smooth, non slip surface. Not to mention, being the most hardwearing and low maintenance product that is available in external flooring surfaces. So you can forget weeds and grass finding its way into your pathways or alfresco! And to clean…simply broom and hose off!

DS Grinding grinds down the concrete to expose the aggregate within the floor, then polishes the surface to desired smoothness (non-slip or semi internal sheen) to leave your floor as a flat smooth on the foot surface with your chosen aggregate stones shining up at you.

Benefits of a honed outdoor surface include:

  • Smooth and feet friendly feel
  • Non slip availability
  • Superior durability over other flooring types.
  • Unique designs and colour options
  • Mix styles can be customised to include ‘Glowstones’ and ‘3D Crete’
  • Exceptionally low maintenance
  • High durability and stain resistance