Honed concrete floors | Perth

Honing existing washed aggregate is a quick, cost effective way to bring new life to an aged, weathered aggregate surface. From a technical perspective, honing is the grinding stage in between aggressive grinding and fine polishing – using metal bonded diamond tooling to achieve a flat smooth finish

If you have washed or exposed aggregate and would like it to be a smooth surface, don’t worry! DS Grinding can turn your rough or sharp washed aggregate surface into a smooth and ‘feet friendly’ floor through concrete honing. By grinding down the protruding stones and then honing the surface to your desired smoothness, you’ll get the honed concrete finish you want without re-pouring or resurfacing.

Benefits of honing your washed aggregate include:

  • Smooth and feet friendly surface
  • Non slip availability
  • Easier to clean and maintain
  • Rejuvenates your current concrete surface
  • Process can remove staining in current concrete
  • Turns your dull exposed stones into polished features in your floor

Honed concrete can also refresh the look of your outdoor décor, making concrete or aggregate surfaces safer and more attractive. For example, if you’ve got a garden path or poolside are that has become stained through years of use and exposure to the elements, honing can remove the stains and reveal the fresh bright surface and stones underneath.

At DS Grinding, we can help with every stage of creating the perfect outdoor polished concrete look. (NB: outdoor concrete is not ‘polished’ per se, just well honed). From the original design and conceptualisation through to surface preparation, pouring, and honing, our professional team can take care of it all. We pride ourselves on creating concrete art, and will happily work with your builders, architects or garden designers to develop a cohesive overall look

DS Grinding provides free quotes and advice on honed concrete floors for Perth property owners. If you’re considering this service, call us to find out more or request a quote online.