Internal Polished Concrete | Perth

Internal polished concrete is at the height of maintenance free and durability when it comes to internal flooring, not to mention seamless style and the added beauty of complete unique design with no two floors ever being the same. At DS Grinding we DO NOT simply grind your concrete and coat it with a resin epoxy, we offer a ‘true polish’ full floor finish

We first grind down your concrete to desired stone exposure, then after adding a densifying agent to create a non-porous hardened and stain resistant surface, we then buff and polish the floor with progressively finer diamond tooling until it gives off your desired finish. We then add our final penetrating sealing coat which protects your floor.

We can work to many different sheen levels, from an architectural satin styled sheen to a full gloss finish. Your choice of internal polished concrete will depend on a number of different factors, from the look of the rest of your interiors, to the nature of the concrete that is being polished. A satin sheen polished floor is perfect for garages, retail shop floors, warehouses and those interested in getting that earthy or architectural feel to their floor, while the full gloss finish is for those who want their floor to have the mirror effect.

Internal ‘true polished’ floors have huge benefits over other conventional flooring types, including:

  • Low maintenance
  • Will not give off VOC’s (volatile organic compounds)
  • Superior durability over other flooring types.
  • Cost efficiency when compared to the continuous upkeep of surfaces like timber, carpets and tiles
  • A seamless design

At DS Grinding, we’re proud to provide the premier concrete polishing service to Perth homes and commercial premises. Our team are concrete professionals with a wealth of knowledge and ideas about how to make the most of polished concrete in any setting. We provide personal service and striking, beautiful results. Just take a look through our gallery for a taste of what we could do with your floors.

For more information about internal polished concrete or to arrange a quote, call 0417 808 680 or request a quote online.